Know why you should be developing software in Uruguay


Know why you should be developing software in Uruguay

If you don't have a clue about what "Uruguay" is or where it is located, keep reading and we will tell you more about it and why there is the best place to buy software development.

Uruguay is a small country (3 million people) located between Brazil and Argentina and it was chosen by big software companies as Tata Consultancy Services from India and Sabre Holdings from US among others. Also, according to Chamber of Uruguayan IT Companies (CUTI) it is the largest exporter of software in the region.

Convenient time zone

Uruguay has a convenient time zone (GMT-3) to work with US market being aligned with the U.S. Also is suitable to work with the canadian market and every LATAM country. Even uruguayan companies can work with some european countries as Spain and UK. Think about Uruguay as a country that can work from GMT -8 to GMT +2 and compare it with other countries as India.

Qualified people and occidental culture

Uruguayan people have a culture very similar to US and Europe, being friendly and with a high level of education. In fact, uruguayan universities have a lot of students in software related courses and careers and all of them have job opportunities.

Competitive rates

Uruguayan live cost is lower than in other countries. As a consequence of this and because of some government support, resources and facilities are much lower than in other countries (i.e. India, Philippines).

Above the average communication capabilities

Uruguay has the best internet connection in Latin America (16,69 Mbps average) and it’s above the world average according to Net Index tool (Ookla company). Also, uruguayans have very good level of English (being taught by free in public education) and other languages as french and portuguese.

Other facts

The following facts are from CUTI.

  • Uruguay is a country with 3.5 million inhabitants, where 700 IT companies are currently operating.
  • In Latin America, Uruguay is the major producer and exporter of software and IT services relatively speaking.
  • Uruguayan IT companies export to 52 different markets.
  • Uruguay ranks first in "Technology index in Latin America", according to Latin Business Chronicle.
  • Approximately 11% of tertiary enrollment in Uruguay is in Engineering programs.
  • The Uruguayan government has defined IT as a priority sector which it constantly tries to promote and develop.
  • In Uruguay, the production of software is not subject to profit tax or VAT, when it is produced for export.
  • The growth in IT exports from Uruguay is often achieved through the creation of branches or associate companies abroad with which to serve potential clients.
  • One of the latest Harvard University studies has identified Uruguay as one of the most advanced software development centers in Latin America.


"We went over all Latin American countries, and decided to start with Uruguay because it is politically stable and because we can count on the support of the government. Also, there are many software companies based in this country."
Chandra Sekaran (TCS), December, 2002

"We praise Uruguay for being the first country to take specific actions for providing laptop computers to all children and school teachers. We hope other countries will follow its lead."
Nicholas Negroponte, Founder and chairman of the One Laptop per Child non-profit association, October, 2007

"Uruguay is at the top of software exports in South America. This means that the intelligence of its people constitutes the country's greatest resource."
George W. Bush, March, 2007

"Uruguay is the most open and lowest risk business destination for niche knowledge-driven activities in the region."
Uruguay Outsourcing: Creating a Roadmap to Success, Tholons, December 2009

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