Nearshore staff augmentation testimonial


Nearshore staff augmentation testimonial by Scott Wallace



Leveraging nearshore dedicated teams since 2013

Scott Wallace is a technology executive with over thirty years of experience working with large private and public companies, as well as startups.

With an extensive background in technology strategy and building teams, Scott has been tasked with searching out the best talent in software engineering to execute the strategy and technology visions for his different projects.

Having worked with engineering teams from around the world, Scott first worked with VAIRIX in 2013. After a successful first project, he has continued to build nearshore teams with us for his evolving project needs.


Hiring an expert Ruby on Rails team for our first project collaboration

At the time of working on our first project together, Scott needed to put together a very strong Ruby on Rails team, which he found in VAIRIX: our teams got some of the highest scores on their Ruby on Rails tests. That marked the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration:

"We started to engage them in one of our first projects, and the quality, the integrity, and the transparency of the group was exceptional. So, not only have I brought VAIRIX into four teams - I've just added a fifth for a new project that I'm working on. And it has been nothing but exceptional for me."


Expanding into ReactJS teams and ongoing collaboration

As VAIRIX expanded its team and offering, we've been providing ReactJS teams in addition to our Ruby on Rails squads, with team sizes varying from 8-12 full-time engineers on average. Our nearshore teams are typically overseen by a Scrum Master or project manager, and apply Agile methodologies every project.

Responsive communication, proactive pushback, and team commitment 

For Scott, being able to trust his teams is a top priority. That's why he values VAIRIX focusing on communication, going the extra mile and being fully invested in his success: "I always expect people to constantly question - one thing that I do like that I've gotten from the VAIRIX team is pushback. When someone can tell me: "Hey, if we did it this way, it could limit our time, it could limit our cost, it could limit our time to release". If there's a better way, I want that way to happen. These guys work WITH us."

On the importance of nearshore time zone alignment with the USA

"The time difference alone makes up for a lot of things. I've worked with teams all over the world. The time difference alone, and the ability for us to continue and work through the day has been paramount. It's important for us to be able to talk to someone who is not thirteen, or six hours ahead, or whatever. It's being able to get you guys when we need you - everybody's always there."

Ideal use case for VAIRIX nearshore development teams

"I would recommend VAIRIX to everybody. Your expertise is growing in different areas as far as development goes - you've added a bunch on the frontend piece. The Ruby on Rails stuff is stellar. I think VAIRIX could work effectively with anybody from a small startup, to a medium-sized business, to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world."

Closing Remarks

"I believe that you guys are top notch, and what you've done for us has been exemplary. And trust me, this is not the last time we're going to work together. We're going to continue to work together for a long time."

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