VAIRIX Welcomes New CEO Marcelo Ascárate

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VAIRIX bets on growth and welcomes new CEO, Marcelo Ascárate


We are excited to announce that Marcelo Ascárate is joining VAIRIX Software Development as our new CEO. Marcelo will be responsible for overseeing VAIRIX’s growth strategy, seeking to triple the size of our team of professionals by 2022.

Marcelo Vairix CEO

Bringing more than fifteen years of experience, Marcelo Ascárate will join VAIRIX as its new CEO starting March 1st.
“I will build upon the work that has been done so that our collaborators are proud of working at VAIRIX and we are able to attract the best talent in the industry”.




Prior to joining VAIRIX in March 2021, Marcelo was Business Development Executive at IBM. He was responsible for the growth of IBM's business in Uruguay in both products and services. Marcelo has more than fifteen years of experience acting as an interlock between the business needs of clients and the technical areas of national and multinational companies. Marcelo is an engineer and also holds an MBA.


On Joining VAIRIX


When asked “Why VAIRIX?”, Marcelo replied:
“With eleven years of experience in the market, VAIRIX is very well positioned for exporting services like custom web and mobile software development, staff augmentation and dedicated teams. With a seasoned team, extensive expertise in key trending technologies, and the right track record of successful projects for the international market, VAIRIX has what it takes to succeed. I’m excited about our potential for growth and look forward to working with my team to take the company to the next level and better serve our customers”.
VAIRIX's main target market is the United States but also has clients in Canada, Spain, and the UK. Its boutique-style service is tailored to the needs of each client’s growth path, identifying potential enhancements and suggesting optimal solutions as client goals evolve. Starting March 2021, Marcelo will have two main objectives on his agenda as CEO: onboard and retain the best talent, and attract new clients with fun, challenging projects that help support the first goal.


Vision and goals


Marcelo believes the Uruguayan software development industry is ideally positioned to service the US market:
On a global scale, the most successful companies in the industry are operating in a universe without geographic borders. In this context, Uruguay presents itself as the ideal country to provide technology services, due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, Uruguay has a small ecosystem with a highly skilled workforce that is in high demand by the most stringent business organizations looking to hire developers, similar to what Silicon Valley encompassed in its early days. The second reason, which goes hand in hand with the first one, is that Uruguay has an ecosystem where top quality software development firms with worldwide recognition abound. Moreover, recent events and milestones like Uruguayan dLocal becoming the country’s first unicorn, the handling of the pandemic through the use of technology, and Google’s investment in Uruguay as the chosen location for their latest data center, are also helping attract foreign investors.

Uruguay’s nearshore location and time zone, which are highly convenient for real-time collaboration with clients in the United States, and the fact that a significant number of the developer workforce is English-fluent, are two of the country’s additional strengths. “Uruguay’s IT infrastructure allows us to work from all corners of the country, and for any destination”.

Marcelo looks to strengthen the organization by attracting new, qualified talent. “To accomplish this, we also need the most fun, challenging projects and clients. This is where most of my effort will be put into. Great companies are made by great people, which is why we need the very best team”.

Welcome to the team, Marcelo! We’re excited to have you as our new CEO and we look forward to working with you!

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