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Strategic partners are other businesses with whom we enter into an agreement and aims to help both of us achieve more success increasing commercial and operational capabilities.

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A new step in the growth strategy of VAIRIX and Capicua, which will allow both companies to expand our services in complementary ways. This partnership represents a smart move for both of us, increasing our commercial and operational capabilities, working together in attracting new customers and business, sharing benefits and risks.

About services, Capicua and VAIRIX fields of action of are substantially complementary. Capicua is focused on design, from naming to identity design to custom development, they can do it all. At VAIRIX we are focused on web/mobile development in Ruby on Rails and its ecosystem (AngularJS, jQuery+HTML5, NodeJS and Cordova/PhoneGap). Thus, both firms can get clients and share business according to the customers specific requirements that arise.

Also, VAIRIX and Capicua were trying to enlarge their participation in the US market before the partnership. Now, we can face the challenge from another perspective, participating in bigger projects that requires a “one stop IT solution”.

This strategic partnership reflects the growth intentions of both companies, transcending the planning and becoming real actions.

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As a way to continue with the expansion of our partnership network, we've made a partnership agreement with Adrenalina. This company is an online marketing agency from Spain and our partnerships will help us to increment our participation in that market; at the same time, they will reinforce their Ruby on Rails department with our knowledge.

About services, we can complement each other. Adrenalina is focused on marketing online (SEO, SEM, etc.) and web development (web design, Ruby on Rails) and mobile (IOS, Android, Google Glass). At VAIRIX we can add our two cents in the Ruby on Rails development and it ecosystem (AngularJS, jQuery+HTML5, NodeJS), while for mobile development we can work on cross-platform solutions (Cordova/PhoneGap).

We hope to continue working together as partners as well as we've worked in the past as client-provider.

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