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Connecting artists to their global fan base

Fuzzrocket was conceived as the social network for singers, dancers, songwriters, musicians and filmmakers to create, collaborate and get unprecedented exposure to fans.

The platform allows artists to showcase their music, play original songs and find perfect musical partners. It also lets them show the world what they can do through live performances, plus all the basic features of a social network.

Following an Agile workflow, Vairix developed Fuzzrocket working side by side with its American creators, using Ruby on Rails version 4.


"VAIRIX team shows incredible discipline, enthusiasm, and commitment, being keen to not just deliver what is asked for, but what is really needed. Their focus on writing solid and maintainable code and the team commitment are their best strength."

Scott Wallace, CTO at You+Media about Fuzzrocket


Ruby on Rails, Devise, CanCan, jQuery, Cucumber, Rspec, Capistrano, Mysql, PaperClip, Stripe, LimeLight

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