Web development


Web development

At VAIRIX we work with Ruby on Rails, the best-known web framework for Ruby language. We develop software from scratch, offering custom solutions tailored specifically to fit your needs. Also we use/adapt/extend bests ecommerce store platforms and forums solutions to enhance every area of your business.

Ruby on Rails

“Rails” is essentially a “batteries included” full stack framework helps startups to focus on building a business and not on building technology infrastructure. Outside of Rails and few others, you’re left to take a lot of decisions to get the same level of functionality before even you can start building an MVP.

Summarizing, developers write better web apps in less time with fewer errors. Time is money. Businesses measure results in currency. Rails enables developers to deliver.

Tailoring solutions to your needs

The customized “perfect” solutions for our clients range from small adaptations of standard solution packages to newly developed solutions designed to meet unique business requirements. Sometimes customizations are based on standard software, which can be developed quickly at a financially attractive rate. Other times you need a bespoke or tailor-made software, and since it is developed for you, it can be accommodated to your particular preferences and expectations.

Ecommerce store services

Spree Commerce logoWe use Spree Commerce, or just Spree, because it is one of the most popular & full featured e-commerce platforms in the world (more than 45,000 stores). The Spree storefront offers a full feature set and is built on common standards, so you don't have to compromise speed to market, efficiency or innovation. It offer shopping cart, that allows the user to interact with your products, not just view them.

The modular platform allows you to easily configure, supplement or replace any functionality you need, so that you can build the exact storefront that you want.

Looking for custom software without the custom price tag? With Spree we can set up your e-commerce store quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and money. But that doesn't mean you have to look like everybody else. Spree is also easy to enhance. Your store is customized, meets your unique business needs and never looks like a template.

At VAIRIX we can:

  • Set up your e-commerce store quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and money. Also we can configure it to meet your unique company branding so it will never looks like a template

  • Develop a serie of adaptations, new modules or changes over the default behaviour following the Spree developer guides.

  • Access data contained within Spree using the RESTful API.  It is very simple to write third party applications (eg. iPhone/Android) that can talk to your Spree store. It is also possible to build sophisticated middleware applications that can serve as a bridge between Spree and a warehouse or inventory system.

Discourse services

Discourse logoDiscourse is a modern forum software built from the ground up by the team behind the Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow networks.

Discourse is forum software application founded in 2013 by Jeff Atwood (the man behind StackOverflow). From a usability perspective, Discourse breaks with existing forum software by including features recently popularized by large social networks, such as infinite scrolling, live updates, expanding links, and drag and drop attachments. However, the stated goals of the project are social rather than technical, to improve online discussion quality through improved forum software.

The application is written in JavaScript and Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL is the supported database management system and also uses Ember.js.

At VAIRIX we can:

  • You can install and host Discourse yourself but if you'd like to avoid the trouble of installing and maintaining it, we can install and configure it in the cloud for you.

  • Develop those plugins that you need to make your online discussion community unique (see examples). Through plugins we can create new logic or extend the existing one without overwriting any Discourse’s code. We can also change how Discourse looks, adapting it to your branding style guidelines.

Complementary services as web design, SEO, SEM

VAIRIX can take care of all the stages of the development from the initial wireframing, web design and requirement elicitation to deployment in production, SEO and SEM. Because of this, we have made several partnerships-alliances with other companies to offer a complete service through us.

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