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Why us?

VAIRIX was born as a startup so we know the feelings of starting something from scratch. Only entrepreneurs knows about the challenges that arise from new ideas and the anxiety and doubts they wake up.

We are not experts in every business area or technical topic, but we believe we can add our two cents in our fields of expertise.

If you are an entrepreneur you can contact us, tell us your idea and we can do an assessment over it from a technical point of view. With this information we can offer the right service to you.

The above diagram shows how we reduce the uncertainty when you go from left to right (do you see the cone at the background?). So, if you ask for a quote before the post brainstorm stage, our estimation will have a bigger range of error than if you ask for it in the following stages. Also our workflow lets the entrepreneurs feel completely free to continue with VAIRIX or not.

We want to work side by side in your entrepreneurship through all the phases, but we do not want you to feel tied to us.

Although we want to work with you forever, you can leave us after any stage; you can do the workshop, or the workshop and test the idea in the market with us, or just test it with somebody else and later come back to develop the final product with us.

Services for each level

PostBrainstorm level:

"for those who have only the idea and can't set the characteristics of the software they need..."

  • Inception workshop: this is an efficient way to clarify and shape the product solution, get all the project stakeholders on the same page and inspire the team. It's a short, remote or in person workshop (~ one week) that is customized each time to the attendee's characteristics. The outcomes of this workshop are:

    • a list of business goals and risks

    • prioritized list of software functionalities

    • roles and main flow mockups

    • list of the skills that must have the provider of that software

    • list of negotiable/non-negotiable items

PreValidation level:

"for entrepreneurs that know exactly what to test, how to measure it and what to learn about it..."

  • Create landing pages to test the feasibility of the idea (analyzing access logs, subscriptions, keywords, etc.)

  • Prototype development or wire-frames to “see” the future product and make quick changes over it.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development as a way to get out quickly to the market, get feedback and position itself.

  • All of these services are provided with advices about broadcast and feedback techniques, showing pros and cons of each one taking those that are best suitable for your entrepreneurship.

PostValidation level: 

"for those who are ready to build their final product..."

  • Full software development, delivering potentially shippable increments of the product each 2 weeks.

  • Development in Ruby on Rails and related technologies.

  • Use of Scrum to manage the team (full-stack developers) and the project.

  • Besides the software development, deploy and adaptive/corrective maintenance.

What if my startup is about software development?

If software development is your business, we can also help you with coaching and advisory in different areas. We can advise you on developing methodologies, train your team in agile practices and specific technologies. Also we can meet with managers to talk about contracts or other business areas.

  • Advisory on software development methodologies based on capabilities of your teams, the kind of projects you face and your technological knowledge level.

  • Training on agile practices and group activities.

  • Technical talks about the technologies mastered by us.

  • Managerial talks about types of contracts types and business strategies.

You can see VAIRIX as a software development startup “running in the wild”.

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