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This is our last day at RailsConf! The experience has been awesome until now, from Alvaro prescense in Chicago to our virtual coverage from Montevideo. Let's see what happens in the last day of conference!

Until now the RailsConf has been a very excitement experience! The sessions of yesterday were full of RoR tricks and very interesting stuff. Let's see what happens in the third day of conference!

Yesterday at RailsConf was amazing! From DHH keynote to every one of the different sessions, they were very interesting. Take a look of what's happen in the seconf day of this huge RoR community event!

RailsConf is “the largest gathering of Ruby and Rails developers in the world” and this year is held in Chicago. At this moment Alvaro is there and will be sending news from the conference until the end of the week. See what is happening in the first day of this exciting event!


As the conference page says, RailsConf is “the largest gathering of Ruby and Rails developers in the world” and this year will be held in Chicago from April 22nd - 25th. Alvaro, our CTO and one of Vairix co-founders will be there to participate in the conference and connect with top Rails talent, companies, and project owners from around the world.

As we have done with JSConf 2014 (day 1 and 2), we will be sharing tweets, photographs, articles and all the stuff that...

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