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Hologram is a really cool Rails gem made by Trulia to create styleguides for your project based on comments in your code, take a look at it now!

customer.io is a SaaS which enables you to easily manage all the emails you send to your users: from your newsletters to transactionnal and behavioral emails.

The concept is simple: you send to customer.io data about your users, it creates a custom userbase, on your customer.io dashboard, which you can segment in order to send the good emails to the good users at the good time. At VAIRIX we use Customerio gem as a client for the Customer.io event API.

To install it just add gem 'customerio' and execute bundle. Then you can identify your customers when they sign up for your app and any time their key information changes. This keeps Customer.io up to date with your customer information.

Here we take a look at two tools to aid us in Ruby on Rails development process:

Better Errors:"The default Rails error page is completely hideous and hurts to look at. Better Errors replaces the standard Rails error page with a much better and more useful error page."

RailsPanel: "Chrome extension for Rails development that will end your tailing of development.log. Have all information about your Rails app requests in the browser - in the Developer Tools panel. Provides insight to db/rendering/total times, parameter list, rendered views and more.

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