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Salesforce is the number one CRM platform in the world. Its software is cloud-based, which is why an expert IT team isn't needed to configure or manage it. Just log into your session and you're good to go.

Many businesses wish they could develop information systems which consume and modify Salesforce data. Although this may seem like too complex a task, Salesforce does offer a REST or SOAP API which allows you to interact with said CRM. This API lets you consume the data from Salesforce and then display them through a new user interface on your system. It also makes it possible to save and update information inside the CRM's database.

customer.io is a SaaS which enables you to easily manage all the emails you send to your users: from your newsletters to transactionnal and behavioral emails.

The concept is simple: you send to customer.io data about your users, it creates a custom userbase, on your customer.io dashboard, which you can segment in order to send the good emails to the good users at the good time. At VAIRIX we use Customerio gem as a client for the Customer.io event API.

To install it just add gem 'customerio' and execute bundle. Then you can identify your customers when they sign up for your app and any time their key information changes. This keeps Customer.io up to date with your customer information.

According to their website, “Swagger™ is a specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services.”  

What does it mean? Basically, it’s a specification to describe APIs services that keep updated at the same pace as your server code. The benefits are obvious: first of all, you are always providing up to date documentation; also, you are providing an up to date signatures of your services that could be consumed automatically by other services keeping them sync.

The better part of Swagger is that, besides solving the documentation needs, also solves API sandbox needs to play with the exposed services.

If you want to see a live demo of a api documented with Swagger and a sandbox to play with, you can go here.

If you are in Ruby world, there are a couple of gems to handle the Swagger specification for you here.

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