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Why Angular is elastic?


The following is a (non-comprehensive) list of reasons to say that this tech is part of the Elastic Technologies family. Please, be aware that it can be changed anytime, adding new reasons found as we continue making intensive use of it.

Code maintainability = greater flexibility to design

Let developers make changes as designers is a big game-changer.


You can develop UI components, so if you want a change buttons across the whole platform you only have to do it in one place and boom!

Also (and unlike React), components can represent other reusable things of business domain like translations, local databases access.

Massively Parallel Development

For larger projects, this is key. It’s not just about the technology from the perspective of how it enables something on the client, but actually how it enables a workflow and process that empowers your company to scale the team.

Enables a Design <—> Development Workflow

Designers can add markup without completely breaking an application because it depends on a certain id or structure to locate an element and perform tasks. Instead, rearranging portions of code is as easy as moving elements around.

Fast prototyping

Fast prototypes not only give you more feedback opportunities, but engage users and clients sooner.


Easily make native apps with NativeScript after using Angular for your website. Keeping designs homogeneous is a big thumbs up for users.

SEO Friendly

Angular can run on the server so pages can be returned to the browser as a regular web page which is better than having javascript-based paged that are poorly indexed.


Google brains are behind it.


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