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Why Ruby on Rails is elastic?


The following is a (non-comprehensive) list of reasons to say that this tech is part of the Elastic Technologies family. Please, be aware that it can be changed anytime, adding new reasons found as we continue making intensive use of it.

Fast development, better results

The time required to develop is far less than the time it would take if you use another framework, sometimes by orders of magnitude (to be fair, also with Django, but it’s out of topic).

Strong focus on automated testing

The Ruby community has a strong culture of developers writing tests for their code, which is great to keep track of all of the rules and requirements as the software grows.

Secure apps

There are many ways to hack a website and the Rails community is always implementing new security patches and features to help keep apps secure.

A very large community

When approaching a particular problem, or if an ugly bug appears, developers have a massive community of peers they can call on to help find the best solution, if necessary.

Also, there are 4410 code contributors, 251958 questions on StackOverflow and more than 20 important conferences all over the world.


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