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Why us?

Vairix was born as a startup and that's why we know the feelings of starting something from scratch. Only entrepreneurs knows about the challenges that arise from new ideas and the anxiety and doubts that they wake up.

Although we are not experts in every business area or technical topic, we believe that we can add our two cents in our fields of expertise.

Software development startups services

If software development is your business, we can help you with coaching and advisory in different areas. We can advise you on developing methodologies, train your team in agile practices and specific technologies. Also we can meet with managers to talk about contracts or other business areas.

  • Advisory on software development methodologies based on capabilities of your teams, the kind of projects that you face and your technological knowledge level.
  • Training on agile practices and group activities.
  • Technical talks about the technologies mastered by us.
  • Managerial talks about types of contracts types and business strategies.

In us you can see a software development startup “running in the wild”.

Any startup services

If you are a person or an established company that have an idea about a new product, service, or new business line, we can help you. We can advise you about how to start to make your idea a reality. Also we can validate those ideas in many ways, making a report to consolidate the feedback of potential users. All this information could end in a viability study and then, if you want to continue working with us, we can build Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Advisory about first steps and the planning that follows the conception of an idea.
  • Design and build of experiments, prototypes or simple wire-frames to validate ideas with potential users to make small tweaks if it’s needed.
  • Viability study including all the idea’s details, list of action items to start with it, validation tools used, the resultant feedback of potential users and a conclusion about the whole idea.
  • Construction of an MVP to start testing the market, make refinements over the real product and get early feedback with a minimum investment.

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