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Our Training Program

Although we choose carefully the people that we hire, their knowledge varies due to previous jobs or different formal studies. Nevertheless, at Vairix we bring them on board because we pay attention to other attributes beyond the technical ones.

For this reason we have developed a training program which focuses on providing trainees with an experimental and practical approach rather than relying completely on traditional lectures.

First three months

First three months of Vairix newbies are completely focused on training. The following is the training grid that they have to follow in order to be ready to work with clients

Training format

What’s for

Interactive tutorial about Ruby to try Ruby directly into the browser.

Break the ice with a new language and see basic commands.

Video based and interactive exercises about git.

Start with the basics of git (repo initialization, see modified files, stage files, commit…)

Video based and interactive exercises about Ruby.

The trainee learn many Ruby conditional controls, logical tests, conditional assignment to reach an slightly deep knowledge level about the language.

Chapter of a book about web development with rails

Learn the basics of MVC pattern and how rails make the web development agile and easy. Also learn about “convention over configuration” paradigm.

Video based and interactive exercises about rails and database operations.

In this stage the trainee learn how to create elements, find them, make simple queries and update objects (that will affect the database under the hood)

Video based and interactive exercises about complete web development using rails

The trainee will learn about scaffold, table creation, migrations, table structure updates, database setup and rails console commands.

Video based and interactive exercises about Ruby.

At this level the trainee needs a more deeply understanding of Ruby as a language.

Video based and interactive exercises about best practices of rails development.

Now the trainee have the tools to make web development using rails but they don’t know how to put all the pieces together and do it in the right (an efficient) way. This stage of the training try to teach some of the best practices.

Several chapters of a book about Ruby

The whole idea at this stage is teach all the details about Ruby. Objects, array, hashes, containers, iterators, inheritance, modules, regex.

3 more chapters of the same book as step 4 about web development with rails

This training cope with some modern web application needs, as cache management, internationalization and active record.

Video based and interactive exercises about git.

In this case, the trainee will learn more advanced ways to work with git as rebase, interactive rebase and split and rewording commits

Video based and interactive exercises about jQuery.

Training about jQuery learning about selectors, dom traversing, use of plugins, ajax, callbacks, event delegation and more.

Video based and interactive exercises about CofeeScript.

Learning about what is it, how it works, variables, functions, expressions and CoffeScript compiler.

Video based and interactive exercises about CSS.

Learn the basics of CSS like stylesheets format, selectors (id and compounds), style specifications, how float works and columns.

Video based and interactive exercises about HTML5 y CSS3.

Learn about HTML5 new tags, CSS3 properties and then make a full layout of a functional website with header, navigation, content area, forms and footer.

Rails specific videos about many useful gems

At this level the trainee have to learn about useful gems like cucumber, rspec, devise, cancan, will_paginate, imagemagick, paperclip and couple more.

Rails video specific about routing

The trainee will learn and master rails routes.

Videos about user authentication through differents social networks

Nowaday almost every website has a way to login using twitter, facebook or G+, so the trainee need to know everything about it.

Last three months of the program

At this stage of the program the trainees have all the technical knowledge to build fully functional web applications. However they doesn’t has experience in a real project.

For this reason they has to spent the next three months working in internal projects, following the Vairix methodology and training their soft skills, fluency in english language and groupal work.


We have several accounts on online english schools to guarantee that trainees achieve english fluency (written and spoken) after completing this period of time. They practice their abilities with other people of the same level; also we perform some client-developer situations related with the development of the internal project.

Internal projects

Because we have an entrepreneurship soul, we are always thinking about new products and services. There are many new projects to start (or continue working on them) and we can't think in a better way to train newbies than working in those projects. Also, the result of those projects are so good that in most of the cases, they are added to Vairix portfolio as products.

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