We work with a lot of startups in stealth mode and companies looking to outsource their development work to a team of Ruby on Rails experts. We understand the need for privacy and we only list clients at request. If you wish to be listed on the client page, please get in touch.

This is a non-exhaustive selection of clients we have worked with recently.


Fuzzrocket is a social network focused on musicians, composers, singers and dancers, where they can get unprecedented exposure to fans. The platform allows them to present their music, play original songs and find perfect musical partners. It also lets them show the world what they can do through live performances, plus all the basic features of a social network. This platform was developed with Ruby on Rails 4.

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Sellin.uy is a web application which provides a brokerage service in products selling, acting as a commercial opportunities builder. Through a dynamic and adaptable platform with comptitive transaction costs, the client tries to maximize their sales.


MOD (Muebles Online de Diseño), is a venture that enables users to buy custom furniture. According to the cabinet, you can change measures, color, finishes and then make the purchase of that line with consumer needs exclusive furniture.

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Development of CommunityScore, a real state website aimed at providing information about apartments from multiple sources. Mostly front-end development, it makes intensive use of Google Maps & Places API, as well as doing some scrapping over other sources. For data display it uses several charts showing different representations of the gathered information.


Assessment Tool to measure the maturity level of high-impact entrepreneurships. This information system is used by different roles as entrepreneurs, mentors, universities, investors and government entities. The rationale of the software relies on a series of models created by researchers (PhDs) who are specialists in the entrepreneurship field.

Discourse plugins

Discourse is an open source Internet forum software application founded in 2013 by Jeff Atwood, Robin Ward, and Sam Saffron. Our client asked us to develop several plugins to let users embed Google Calendars and Google Spreadsheets in a post, add any HTML snippet as a sidebar and export user statistics. This last one was merged into the Discourse core.

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eAposta is a web platform for managing online lotteries. With the platform you can play different state-owned games like "Primitive", "Predictor", "Eurojackpot", etc. It also has an online payment gateway with credit card. This platform was developed with Ruby on Rails 3. In addition, there is a widget that can be placed inside any other web portal to provide lottery services online, which is done effortlessly by the third party developer.

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RettaLibros is an online platform designed for said bookstore which consists of two parts, one administrative and the other for online sales. Within the management of the company, the user can keep track of all sales, purchases, stock, orders, customers, profiles, offers, contracts, etc. Moreover, end users can access book catalogs, check their stock, see relevant material information, place orders, pay online, create and save lists materials to share with other users, etc. This platform was developed Ruby on Rails.


TLI is a web application system aimed at managing a purchase-delivery workflow. It handles the whole workflow, starting with the client doing the purchase and ending with the package being delivered. Its main goal is to keep continuous track of the package (where it is, in which city, truck, container, etc.) and show this information to the customer. For that reason we had to handle trip's bookings, services, drivers, carriers, shipping companies and more. The development was focused on the usability and maintainability of the system. It was developed with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Formtastic, Cucumber and Rspec.


This is a portal designed for the Panama government which manages citizenship applications. But it's more than a simple portal because it has a dynamic form rendering mechanism. The system uses templates generated by FCDesigner and documents as data to render the application forms. Also, those forms are filled with some data gathered from REST services and documental databases. It was developed with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Formtastic, PaperClip, Savon and CouchRestModel.


For FCPortal we needed to develop a Module to manage accounts of millions of people. The created accounts lets people access to a distributed system and, also, get access to external processes management and its setup. The system was based on REST services and was the accessibility core for government applications. This developed using Ruby on Rails, Devise, CanCan, jQuery, CouchDb and OmniAuth.


FCDesigner is a very complex platform to create application forms using templates or reusable parts of them. This let the user create a lot of applications forms reusing small parts with their own structure, texts and validations with the all the complexity you can imagine. It's an excellent example about how to use ruby meta programming. We used Ruby on Rails, jQuery, MetaSearch and specially lot of thinking :)

Management of radiological practice

Management of radiological practice has all the needed features to perform the management of a clinic. It's allow to store patient's information and give them their exam results in a digital way. The big challenge of this project were the replacement of a very old system which was used for this purpose before. The usability was a must to keep the culture of the organization. Was developed with Ruby on Rails and the gems Devise, CanCan, ThinkingSphinx, WickedPdf and SpreadSheet.

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The customer needed a complete distributed system to manage different Medical Clinics in many places. The project started with a small web app to manage patients, treatments and schedule appointments. While the customer needs started growing, it became a complete medical control system. Now it handles medical histories, patient's billing, several kind of reports, graphic human model with the treatments done over a patient, and more. It was developed with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, RufusScheduler, Capistrano and Mysql.


E-Suscript is a web app that manages subscriptions to newspapers or magazines and handles their distribution to customers. The main goal of this system is to be able to control and monitor the delivery process to valid subscriptors. To accomplish this, we had to take control of billing and present delivery reports. This was developed with Ruby on Rails, jQuery and ActiveScaffold.


WomanPlus is a professional networking site for entrepreneurial women. Women who are signed up could manage events, send notifications, create groups of interest and specially share her ideas and project to get advices about them. We used Ruby on Rails, jQuery, ThinkingSphinx, Devise, Cucumber, Rspec, CanCan and PaperClip.

Spree e-commerce project 1

Enhancements and new features of an e-commerce website where users can buy custom products, adapting them to their specific needs. We worked on the e-commerce functionality, using and adapting the Spree gem to fulfill the backend/frontend client needs. Also we developed features around the visualization of the products to buy and the process itself. This website was done using Rails 4 and Spree.

Electronic signature project

Development of several functionalities of a electronic signature product used in many countries by governments and companies. The application is splitted in two big modules: the frontend (where users sign their documents) implemented in AngularJS and the API that process the documents. The enhancements done over the product involves working with doc, docx, odt and pdf formats, upload files to Amazon S3 buckets, pdf "on-the-fly" generation, "split" and "join" operations, html document edition and new service payment system.

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