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Our team have a combination of academic expertise, industry knowledge and research skills. We have senior practitioners, young promises, businessmen... in short, people with extensive knowledge in so different fields that makes this small team a multidisciplinary one.

Also, these people have passed through an intensive training program to be a member of our staff.

Gastón Arbeletche

Specialized in business and management, is enthusiastic and always is searching new business opportunities. Also is a certified Scrum Master with more than 7 years of experience in software development in local and international companies.

His entrepreneurial spirit makes him a businessman, focused in the creation of new market oportunities and not only on commercialization activities. He is good mixing his technological talent with new business ideas.

Also he is passionate about fishing, enjoying the moment with friends and acquaintances. In his spare time likes to investigate about finance.

Expertise: Scrum, Ruby on Rails, Jquery, Javascript, CSS

Gastón CEO & Co-Founder Alias: black_boss
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Gabriel Rodríguez
Gabriel CTO
Reynaldo Rodríguez
Reynaldo Developer
Federico Barriola
Federico Developer
Yense Ogando
Yense Developer
Santiago Villarmarzo
Santiago COO
Leticia Saravia
Leticia RRHH
Daniel Fernández

Never satisfied with just a fix, he always goes deeper and deeper in order to find where a bug may be originated, being precise to choose the right solution. With almost 6 years on web development, always has been focused on large applications. 

He also has an extensive experience in mobile systems with Android smartphones and tablets. He is being passionate about research and out of the ordinary challenges. Also enjoy being part of open source projects to achieve better knowledge from them.

Likes soccer, cars and motorbikes. The weekends enjoy meeting with friends for barbecues.

Expertise: Ruby, Rails, Jquery, CSS, Android.

Daniel Ruby on Rails developer Alias: Daniel el travieso
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Patricio Peirano
Patricio Designer
José Barrios
José Developer
Gerardo Puche
Gerardo Developer
Luis González
Luis Developer

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