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What we do

Let’s work together to bring your next innovation to life. Whether you’re looking to expand your team or develop your custom product, our nearshore teams of seasoned Agile developers work with you to build, test and improve ideas that delight users.

What people say

Jonathan Wride
Jonathan Wride
CEO @ Supreme Golf

They're very collaborative, and they offer great benefits to us. The interaction is very important to us, and they take time to explain their process. They excel in all aspects of what we do, and I would recommend them to anybody.

Supreme Golf
Ralph André

I don't give 5 stars easily, but VAIRIX earned every star. They set the standards for development shops. A team that's a pleasure to work with.

Philip Kenny
CTO @ Ampion

Positive Attitude, they are flexible to work with and great team players, and talented too!

Cecilia Ulfe
Co-Director @ MOD

The team is particularly sensitive to the needs of customers. They understood exactly what was the problem to be solved and they developed a technically flawless solution, a very clean code, in an extremely short time. Highly recommend them.

Alberto García
Director @ iCorp

The team was always available, consultative, and they worked with a great attitude


What we've done

Supreme Golf

Vairix helped Supreme Golf scale their development team, enhance their legacy system, and launch a new version of their platform.


Vairix's agile collaboration with Paack successfully maintained their mission-critical legacy Ruby system, freeing resources for technological innovation and solidifying their position as a trusted logistics technology leader in Europe.


Vairix provided software development services and tech stack guidance for CANVS, an interactive platform company that is taking street art to the next level.

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How we work

The foundation of every successful partnership is trust.

Our approach is rooted in forecasting next steps. With a strong focus on agile processes and responsive communication, we ensure our collaboration yields optimal results.

Product Backlog

Product Backlog

Our global vision encapsulating most requirements. It's a dynamic roadmap guiding us towards our product goal.



We are a cohesive unit of professionals, each laser-focused on a single objective: the Product Goal.

Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning

We hold bi-weekly meetings to clarify deliverables, followed by focused work periods to prioritize tasks effectively.

Product Increment

Product Increment

Our evolving deliverable. A tangible step towards our final goal, reflecting progress and allowing for course adjustments.

Sprint Review

Sprint Review

An opportunity for all parties to review the deliverables, assess progress, learn, and improve.



A platform for continuous improvement. We welcome feedback and strive for team growth, becoming more effective with each sprint.

Harnessing Scrum for Optimal Results

Take a glimpse into how we utilize the Scrum framework to deliver exceptional results.

Strategic Planning

Our work is systematically organized into sprints, typically spanning two weeks. As each sprint commences, we collaborate with you to prioritize your needs, establishing clear expectations and committing to realistic delivery timelines.

Seamless Communication

We believe in the power of consistent communication. Our team engages in concise daily meetings to share progress updates, address queries, and swiftly resolve any potential issues.

Reliable Outcomes

With the conclusion of each sprint, our team delivers a fully functional and rigorously tested product increment, ensuring that you receive consistent, high-quality results.


As a nearshore software development company, we provide experts who integrate with your existing team to boost production capacity and reduce project timeframes. Through real-time collaboration with teams across North America, we develop high-quality digital solutions that delight users.

What we use

Ruby on Rails
React Native


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