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Your Nearshore Software Development Company, and agile Team in Latin America

Meet your evolving programming projects, grow your development process, and achieve your business goals with the best talent nearby within your time zone.Through our nearshore software engineering talent pool, you can onboard the qualified developers you need in a matter of days and at a reasonable cost.

With over ten years of experience in the market and over sixty thousand hours working for the US market, you can count on us for top-notch results.

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Nearshore development

Hire dedicated nearshore software development talent to scale your team and product.

Take advantage of the Latin American software engineering talent pool to increase productivity and take your IT projects to the next level. Vairix has assembled a co-located team of the best engineers in the region so that you can count on a great team that shares your working hours and cultural fit.

Outsourcing software development to Latin America allows you to scale quickly and predictably through a simple process. From our development center in Uruguay to our Agile experts, they integrate with clients across America and Europe. The overlapping time zone and cultural alignment make it ideal for cross-team collaboration.

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What is Nearshore Software Development?

From a US perspective, Nearshoring involves outsourcing to vendors within a similar time zone and region. Nearshore software development outsourcing combines the benefits of the Onshore and Offshore From a US perspective, Nearshoring involves outsourcing to providers within a similar time zone and region. Nearshore software development outsourcing combines the benefits of both onshore and offshore outsourcing models by providing access to highly-skilled engineering talent within your similar geographic proximity and time zones while being cost-effective. Nearshore service software development companies handle all the recruiting, training, and retention tasks so you can scale your team on demand and focus on core business needs.Our primary mission at Vairix is ​​to make each of our clients a top priority at all times. We pride ourselves on our boutique-style treatment and being the nearshore software engineers partner for companies in the US, Europe, and Latin America.outsourcing models by providing access to highly skilled engineering talent within your geographical proximity and similar time zones while being cost-efficient. Nearshore software development companies take care of all hiring, training and retention tasks so you can scale your team on-demand and focus on your core business needs.

Our core mission at Vairix is to make every one of our customers a top priority at all times. We pride ourselves in our boutique-style treatment and being the go-to nearshore development partner for businesses in the USA, Europe and Latin America.

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Hire top Agile developers and teams to scale and innovate

As a boutique software development partner, we provide close-in experts who integrate with your existing team to increase production capacity and reduce project timelines, overseen by our project managers. Through real-time collaboration with teams across North America, we develop high-quality digital solutions that delight users. Our software development process is carefully managed by our own Tech and Team Leaders, making sure that the development quality is always at its finest.

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nearshore dev team

Staff Augmentation

Scale your team quickly and on-demand to boost performance

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End-to-End Development

Leverage our team's full-cycle product development expertise to build your next innovation

How a Nearshore Development Partner Can Help Your Business

The right close partner can help you access expert talent to scale your IT projects on demand, speed time to market, and meet your changing needs.

There are several reasons why your business could benefit from working with a Nearshore development partner as a great option. First, a Nearshore development partner can help reduce software development costs. By hiring a team of developers in a location where living costs are lower, your business can get great value for money. This is especially important if your company is in an industry where software development costs are a large part of your overall budget.

The great thing is that, even though you will be spending less money, you won't have to compromise on the development quality, because you will access a talented senior developers pool, from which your team can benefit.

Learn more about how we're helping our newest US customers achieve their software development goals.

supreme golf nearshore development

Helping the largest tee-time marketplace in the world scale their development team and enhance their new and existing platforms.

canvs near shore project

Building new features for an interactive street art discovery mobile app.

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Benefits of nearshore staffing


Seamless Collaboration & Communication:

Leverage time zone similarity for ideal overlap and interaction between distributed teams. Our English-fluent developers understand nuances, share your cultural values, and have a proactive work approach.


Seasoned talent pool:

Each of our developers specializes in a specific set of technologies. Our team has mastered the best practices in Agile development process and communication through regular collaboration alongside our customers in North America and Europe.


Scale on demand:

Forget about growing pains, big learning curves, and in-house team staffing costs. Scale your team with Latin America's finest, only when you need to, and without long waiting periods. We can help you launch products faster, meet urgent deadlines, and quickly onboard experts outside your core skill set.



Compared to offshore outsourcing, nearby IT service outsourcing allows companies to work with teams located in countries closer in proximity and time zone, which can lead to better communication and faster project completion. Plus, we offer competitive rates, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for high-quality IT services.

How to build your nearshore development team with VAIRIX

Scale your team faster through our simple engagement process:


Share your requirements

Together we define your needs in terms of skills, team size and time frames.


Receive resumes for our top candidates

Get a selection of talent resumes tailored to your specific needs.


Meet and evaluate your picks

Get to know our experts and test their skills.


Start getting results

Start working with your new team as soon as you approve them.

How Nearshore Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

We help our clients build a world-class team of Software engineering experts that can scale on demand, accelerate launch times and meet their evolving needs. Our clients have found that our methodologies and access to expert talent help them scale on demand, accelerate launch times and meet their evolving needs.


Uruguay is the top software exporter in Latin America, and third overall worldwide.

montevideo nearshore

Political and Economical stability

  • Most equitable country in Latin America
  • Most democratic country in South America
  • Lowest corruption percepcion rate
uruguay nearshore

Overlap with US Business hours (GMT-3)

Ideal time zone for real-time collaboration with US teams.

nearshore development uruguay

Language & Culture Affinity

Highest TOEFL English scores in Latin America (2017)

nearshore development montevideo

What makes VAIRIX stand out as a nearshore development partner

When choosing the ideal nearshore software development services, you'll want to make sure you are always a top priority for your vendor. We aim for long-term relationships built upon trust with the right number of partners.

The right size partner

We engage with a limited number of partners to guarantee you remain our top priority at all times.

The right track record

We have been delivering results for the last decade: VAIRIX was founded in 2010 and has been working for the US market since 2012.

The right skills and processes

We specialize in a specific set of technologies and follow Agile & Scrum in all our projects along our US partners.

You can expect highly responsive teams and predictable results from us.

The right people and culture

All our team works under the same roof in our Montevideo office, providing the ideal setup for collaboration.

This also means our developers are always there to support and learn from each other, a huge advantage over freelancer scenarios.

Some of the results we deliver to our partners

We're here to provide insights on the best software development tools and services to create high-quality software solutions. Our experienced software developers use a variety of programming languages and software programming tools to create web and mobile applications that meet our clients' unique requirements.

We use the latest software engineering techniques and the most popular software development tools to streamline the software development process and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure long-term success.

If you have any questions or need help with your software development needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you again for choosing Nearshore Software Development.

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