Discover how VAIRIX partnered with Ampion, a pioneering B2B energy management platform, to fuel their rapid growth while ensuring excellence and sustainability. By strategically augmenting Ampion's teams with top-tier Ruby on Rails and React.js developers, along with QA expertise, VAIRIX catalyzed their journey toward optimal energy revenue generation, reduced operational costs, and minimized environmental impact. This success story showcases how VAIRIX's tech-driven approach, collaborative strategies, and focus on engineering excellence propelled Ampion to achieve new heights in a competitive market.


The Client is a cutting-edge B2B platform that specializes in providing comprehensive energy management solutions for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise, Ampion enables its clients to optimize their energy revenue generation, reduce operational costs, and minimize their environmental impact. With a suite of innovative tools and services, including data-driven insights, and tailored energy efficiency strategies, Ampion empowers businesses to take control of their energy assets and achieve sustainable growth in today's competitive market.


The Challenges

When Ampion came to us, they needed to scale their team quickly due to the fast-growing demand for their service. But also, they needed to ensure a high level of quality while maintaining reasonable profit margins. They arrived at VAIRIX by a colleague's recommendation and decided they found what they were looking for. 

The Solution

We first helped Ampion by providing Ruby on Rails developers and, in a second phase, a QA engineer that worked side by side with their in-house team. With their rapid growth, our client's React.js team faced resource constraints. Recognizing this challenge, we performed a consultancy to provide an external perspective and impartial opinion on the factors contributing to the challenges their team was facing. As a result, we started collaborating with them on that team, with React.js developers. Together we effectively addressed their staffing needs and improved the overall code quality.

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How We Worked

In response to Ampion's urgent need for rapid scaling and uncompromised quality, VAIRIX orchestrated a multi-phase strategy. We initiated our collaboration by seamlessly integrating Ruby on Rails developers and a dedicated QA engineer with Ampion's in-house team. Recognizing the challenges Ampion's React.js team was facing due to their fast growth, we conducted an in-depth consultancy to pinpoint areas of improvement. Leveraging our React.js experts, we fostered a collaborative environment that tackled staffing constraints and bolstered code quality. Our skilled developers worked meticulously on Ampion's subscriber module, streamlining the sign-up process and enabling agents to initiate subscriptions. Simultaneously, our billing team ensured a seamless transition from enrollment to account creation, employing Stripe integration for efficient real-time payments. Our holistic approach not only met Ampion's project goals and deadline but also uplifted their overall system scalability and code quality. This partnership showcases VAIRIX's commitment to growth, excellence, and achieving unparalleled success alongside our clients.


Team Composition

Subscriber module:

Our team for the subscriber experience project is composed of skilled developers who have been working on improving the sign-up process for Ampion. We worked on the subscription process, where users can easily register themselves, and agents also can initiate the subscription process and send invitations to customers. Additionally, we are currently developing an enhanced dashboard for agents to view and manage their assigned subscribers, as well as initiate subscriptions directly from the dashboard.

Billing Module:

The billing team ensures a smooth transition from the enrollment process to account creation in Ampion. Once users have completed enrollment, they can immediately start benefiting from Ampion’s services. The billing system handles various stages, such as pre-assignment and post-assignment, as well as managing subsequent bill payments and related tasks. Customers have access to their consumption data, benefit information, invoices, and payment options. 

To streamline the payment process, we have integrated the payment functionality with Stripe. Previously, some users used Forte, but we have consolidated all payments to be processed together on the same day. We aim to enable the real-time processing of payments independently in the future.


The Result

To meet their project goals and deadline, Ampion was looking for tech-driven firms that understand engineering excellence and know how to source and train talent. In VAIRIX, they found a partner that is also growth-focused and invested in their success.

As a result of our work together, Ampion gained speed and quality in the scalability of its systems. Also, with the consultancy we carried out, they were able to improve the quality of the code, teamwork, and work processes.



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