VAIRIX provided software development services and tech stack guidance for CANVS, an interactive platform company that is taking street art to the next level.

Ralph André

I don't give 5 stars easily, but VAIRIX earned every star. They set the standards for development shops. A team that's a pleasure to work with.


The Client

CANVS is an interactive platform that connects people and cities through the power of street art. They aggregate artist, mural and city data and deploy one-of-a-kind products and rich experiences.

With the departure of their lead developer, CANVS was looking to hire expert developers who could help them better understand their tech stack and help with multiple development projects. VAIRIX was referred to CANVS and our team went through an initial screening period which helped build trust and showcase our core capabilities.


The Challenges

After performing an initial audit of CANVS' existing codebase, VAIRIX worked on several of the customer's platforms, providing our technical expertise in the different technologies involved.

Our team helped define the scope for each of the projects and also provided suggestions on the optimal ways of developing the desired solutions. Once the different project requirements and roadmap were defined, we were ready to start with development itself.

The Solution

Our work spanned across several of CANVS's platforms and projects. The first of these involved frontend feature development and enhancement for the customer's crowdsourcing React.js web platform. Our work included areas like image upload flow, map search and usability enhancement, refactoring of a wide range of components and screens, creation of admin dashboard with stats, and integration with third-party tools.

Work was also done on the backend by improving and adapting a Node.js API which communicates with the app and allows CANVS contributors to upload mural images and add the artists' information.

Another of CANVS' projects involved a generic solution developed in React.js which allows different clients to mount a mural map application on their website.

By leveraging this solution, any given client can display their respective organization's murals and artist information inside a map which lives on their own site, without having to do any extra development work.

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How We Worked

CANVS provided their different project requirements for us to prepare sets of estimates and quotes, which allowed them to plan for their future development milestones.

From the start of our work for CANVS, our team followed Agile methodologies based on Scrum. We implemented one-week sprints and held daily meetings where we connected with the customer's dev ops and mobile teams to share progress and ensure alignment of all parties to the project goals. Task management was handled using JIRA and internal code reviews were performed by our team to check the quality of both code and deliverables.


Team Composition

The development team in charge of the CANVS project was composed of three people: project manager, lead developer, and developer.

Our project manager communicated with CANVS team to prioritize tasks, and CANVS also holds a direct communication channel with the VAIRIX team via Slack.


The Result

Not having any past experience working with an external team, the team at CANVS felt some apprehension to the notion of outsourcing before being referred to VAIRIX. After an initial trial period where our team displayed their capabilities, CANVS was able to see the advantages of working in real time with a nearshore development team within their time zone.

Our relationship evolved to where CANVS entrusted VAIRIX with the development and technical guidance of different projects.



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