VAIRIX developed MOD’s e-Commerce platform where users can customize their furniture orders and shop online.

Cecilia Ulfe

The team is particularly sensitive to the needs of customers. They understood exactly what was the problem to be solved and they developed a technically flawless solution, a very clean code, in an extremely short time. Highly recommend them.


The Client

MOD is a custom furniture retail business that needed to build a responsive e-Commerce web platform. They were looking for a solution to showcase and sell their products that also allowed users to customize some aspects of their furniture designs.

MOD was being financed and supported by a state-funded accelerator and working on a tight deadline after another contractor was not able to meet their project timeframes and requirements. They decided to switch to a new provider, looked around for seasoned Ruby on Rails development companies, and found a long-term development partner in VAIRIX.


The Challenges

MOD wanted to be able to access the backend in order to submit new products, prices, content, and customizations per client. They needed to allow every user that accessed the platform the ability to modify their furniture based on size, colors, etc. Then, the user had to be able to submit their order and the calculator would come up with a price based on their customizations.

The Solution

The challenge for this project was giving the user the ability to calculate the best possible price based on the different measurements provided for each of the products, and also based on the different kinds of materials for each one. To achieve this, we used an algorithm called Bin Packing. The developed API which solves the Bin Packing problem is called from the MOD site, returning the ideal price for each furniture customization.

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How We Worked

The client had a strict deadline which had to be met, which is why we proposed a work plan that prioritised their most urgent requirements. Following this workflow, we were able to complete all key tasks before their deadline, leaving the rest of their low priority requirements for the final stage of the process.  

We narrowed down the tasks to be performed and used Trello as an Agile task management tool, given that we did not work in sprints for the first few months. After the first deadline was succesfully met, we switched to a sprint workflow, where we worked with the client to prioritise tasks and estimate the work for each sprint.


Team Composition

For a two-month period, VAIRIX had a team of two developers dedicated to building the platform along with its customization features. We also addressed problems such as credit card processing issues while taking on any change requests.


The Result

This is one of several examples where the VAIRIX team stepped into an existing project which the previous developers were unable to complete.

By engaging with our expert team of developers, MOD was able to meet their tight deadline and launch the platform without the need to hire developers in-house. Their satisfaction with the quality of our work has resulted in a long-term partnership, where VAIRIX currently provides ongoing maintenance support for the finished platform.



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