VAIRIX's agile collaboration with Paack successfully maintained their mission-critical legacy Ruby system, freeing resources for technological innovation and solidifying their position as a trusted logistics technology leader in Europe.


The Client

Paack is a technology-driven logistics company that provides on-demand delivery services for businesses across Europe. They specialize in same-day and next-day delivery of parcels, pallets, and more. Paack provides fast and reliable delivery services to businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations. They leverage their innovative technology and network of over 200,000 drivers to provide an efficient and cost-effective delivery experience.


The Challenges

Assist Paack in maintaining a legacy Ruby system. Despite being legacy, this system fulfills mission-critical functions for the company, so our team had to keep it functional, make improvements and work with other teams to be able to deprecate some of its functionalities without losing sight at any time of the criticality of the tasks being carried out. 

Despite Ruby being a development language with many years of use and perhaps not being one of the most used, it still plays important roles in many companies. VAIRIX was able to help Paack by providing an engineering team that could take control of this legacy product, allowing Paack to focus on other technology update projects.

The Solution

To address the challenge of maintaining Paack's legacy Ruby system, VAIRIX adopted a comprehensive approach. The engineering team seamlessly integrated into the existing squad, utilizing agile methodologies and Jira for efficient communication and task tracking. With a team comprising 3 skilled engineers from VAIRIX, a Paack team leader, and a dedicated project manager, the collaboration proved highly effective. The combined effort not only kept the legacy product up-to-date but also allowed the identification and deprecation of certain functionalities, without compromising critical tasks. As a result, Paack's internal resources were freed up, enabling the company to focus on advancing other technology projects and maintaining its technological leadership in the logistics sector. 

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How We Worked

VAIRIX joined the squad in charge of the development of Ruby, this team used agile methodologies to communicate progress and ensure they met the project objectives. Jira was used to track tasks and comply with the selected methodology.


Team Composition

The team was composed of 3 engineers from VAIRIX plus a Paack team leader who had the necessary business experience to carry out the tasks. Additionally, there was a project manager, ensuring the correct application of the SCRUM methodology and verifying that all the set objectives were met.


The Result

The performance of the assembled team not only allowed Paack to keep this legacy product up-to-date, but also helped the company free up its own resources, allowing it to focus on continuing its technological leadership in the sector. Moreover, the trust acquired in VAIRIX as a technological provider allowed new opportunities in languages such as React, React Native, and Go to be realized.



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