Supreme Golf

VAIRIX provided software development services and tech stack guidance for Supreme Golf, an interactive platform company that is helping users find the best tee times at the best prices.

Jonathan Wride

They're very collaborative, and they offer great benefits to us. The interaction is very important to us, and they take time to explain their process. They excel in all aspects of what we do, and I would recommend them to anybody.

Supreme Golf

The Client

Supreme Golf provides the largest tee-time search engine on the planet, helping users find the best tee times at the best prices. Golf lovers around the world can search millions of online tee times and golf deals at thousands of golf courses in 41 countries, compare provider offerings, and select the best fit for their needs.

Being in continuous growth mode and having collaborated with our team in several past projects, they reached out to VAIRIX to hire developers who could help with their development needs.

Supreme Golf

The Challenges

Legacy system maintenance and platform migration

Supreme Golf's top priority was onboarding highly qualified teams to help with the maintenance and development of new functionalities for their Ruby on Rails legacy system, as well as working on their new version’s React.js front-end, which allows them to have a completely updated technology stack.

The Solution

The customer's legacy platform was based on Ruby on Rails, with some cloud-based elements. For a ten-month period, VAIRIX provided a dedicated nearshore development team of five senior React + Rails developers that helped Supreme Golf scale up and scale out.

Our team of senior engineers dedicated the first five months of work to improving and developing new functionalities for the Ruby on Rails legacy system.

After completing this process, three of our senior React.js engineers started working on the new system version. This new challenge involved working on the new site, which provided them with an optimal technological shift. Joining from the start of the project itself, our team provided all their shared knowledge from past projects in React.js, Redux, and Tailwind.

This new project had a duration of five months, working in collaboration with one of the customer’s teams.

Supreme Golf
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How We Worked

Throughout the collaboration process, our nearshore team applied Agile methodologies based on Scrum. We implemented two-week sprints and daily meetings to report progress and share feedback. Retrospective meetings were also held at given points in time to improve the overall process in the long-term.

We put extreme focus on code and deliverable quality, as well as having a clear process and performing code revisions continuously integrating with CircleCI. Code revision was two-sided, needing two approvals in order to move forward.

Supreme Golf

Team Composition

We originally started out with a team of two engineers. This smaller initial engagement allowed the Supreme Golf team to see the quality of our work and processes. When feeling certain that a nearshore team could deliver, they onboarded more VAIRIX engineers to their team, always striving for excellence in quality and productivity. Our collaboration reached a point where we had five engineers working simultaneously on this great project.

Supreme Golf

The Result

The ability to use white label branding as a marketing strategy requires the backing of a powerful brand.

To improve business opportunities, Supreme Golf took advantage of their strong brand and worked along-side VAIRIX to adapt their platform.

Through this partnership Supreme Golf was able to diversify its product and service, offering a Multitenant - Whitelabel solution.

Supreme Golf


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