Quick & Cost-Competitive web MVPs for startups

If you want to pitch to an angel investors / VCs for raising seed / startup funding, you need to have something to show them. And if that “something” is an MVP web app and you need to develop it in a hurry with low cost, we probably have a good match.

We are a team of developers that works as a boutique who loves helping startups and SMEs. We have senior practitioners, young promises, and businessmen. In short, people with extensive knowledge in a wide range of fields, which makes this small team a multidisciplinary one.

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring proof-of-concept/MVP style projects to life very fast. The MVP sites we build are ideal for startups to present on demos and for raising funding by pitching with angel investors and/or VCs.

We are not only competent, fast and cost-competitive, but also reliable, honest and trustworthy. We work on projects that we actually enjoy doing.

Ideal projects

The ideal projects for us would range in:

Time-frame: from 1 to 6 weeks

Cost/Budget: from $10k to 27k


Interested? Have questions? (We're sure you do.)

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