Why you should be developing software in Uruguay

The process of finding the right IT outsourcing partner involves a good amount of research and assessment. There is no shortage of quality destinations you can choose from, each with their own pros and cons. But when you consider the defining factors like geographical proximity with ideal time zone overlap, qualified and culturally aligned labor at competitive costs, and a proven track record of industry performance, Uruguay stands out as the top choice in Latin America.

With a population of just over three million, our small but sturdy country is positioned as the number one software exporter per capita in the nearshore region (and third in the world), and is trusted by more than 700 companies as an outsourcing destination and operating center. Let’s look into how we got there, and what makes Uruguay the ideal choice for your business needs

Just some reasons to work with Uruguay...


Convenient time zone (EST+2)

When working within distributed teams, you’ll want to make sure that there is a good overlap between time zones. This should be a top priority if you’re looking for a smooth workflow with responsive real-time communication. Being able to work within the GMT-8 to GMT+2 range gives Uruguay a considerable advantage over other destinations like Europe and Asia.


Highly qualified and culturally aligned talent

As a direct outcome of providing access to free education for every citizen, all the way from school to university, Uruguay boasts a highly educated workforce. The One Laptop Per Child policy enacted by the government has also resulted in a tech-savvy generation, for whom English fluency and western values are also the norm.


Best value for money

Uruguayan software development companies tend to offer boutique-style skills and treatment as their unique selling point. Our country’s tax exemptions for software exports and other government subsidies and incentives enable us to charge affordable rates for high-end skills and services.


Above the average communication capabilities

Our excellent telecommunications infrastructure ensures optimal collaboration and responsiveness. Uruguay is the leader in communications in Latin America, and among other facts, has the fastest Internet download speed in the region.


Top performers in the nearshore region

Identified by Harvard as one of the most advanced software development centers in the region, Uruguay is trusted by more than 700 IT companies across 52 different markets as an outsourcing destination and operating center.


Growing technology industry

Uruguay is becoming a hotbed for technology startups. The Uruguayan government has been investing heavily in education and building up its tech workforce, with the aim of creating an environment where innovation flourishes, and investors can feel confident doing business here.


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