Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Scale your team with expert talent


Integrate our seasoned developers into your team and increase productivity.

Whether you need to build your new product, revamp your existing app, or simply service more clients, VAIRIX helps you reach your goals.

Vairix has put together a co-located team of the very best engineers for you to tap into. We take care of all hiring, training and retention processes so you can focus on your core business needs.

With over sixty thousand hours of work for the US market, you can count on our experts to deliver top-notch results.


Grow on your terms and focus on results

Meet your evolving technical needs while maximizing your budget and say goodbye to growing pains. 

Through our Staff Augmentation services, you get on-demand access to our qualified talent pool through a quick and simple process. You can expect to get started with your new team in a matter of days.

Need reliable talent with proven results? In the past three years, our team has completed more than twenty successful projects for one of our long-term partners in the US.

Get in touch to learn how we can do the same for your business by being the partner you can always go back to.

Meet your new tech sidekicks

Our Staff Augmentation process

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1) Share your requirements

Together we define your needs in terms of skills, team size and time frames.

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2) Receive resumes for our top candidates

Get a selection of talent resumes tailored to your specific needs.

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3) Meet and evaluate your picks

Get to know our experts and test their skills.

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4) Start getting results

Start working with your new team as soon as you approve them.


Why Uruguay is the ideal Nearshore partner

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Top performers

Uruguay is the top software exporter in Latin America, and third overall worldwide.

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Political and Economical stability

- Most equitable country in Latin America
- Most democratic country in South America
- Lowest corruption percepcion rate

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Overlap with US Business hours (GMT-3)

Ideal time zone for real-time collaboration with US teams.

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Language & Culture Affinity

Highest TOEFL English scores in Latin America (2017)



Wanna meet the team?

What makes VAIRIX stand out

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The right size partner

We engage with a limited number of partners to guarantee you remain our top priority at all times.

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The right track record

We have been delivering results for the last decade: VAIRIX was founded in 2010 and has been working for the US market since 2012.

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The right skills and processes

We specialize in a specific set of technologies and follow Agile & Scrum in all our projects along our US partners.

You can expect highly responsive teams and predictable results from us.

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The right people and culture

All our team works under the same roof in our Montevideo office, providing the ideal setup for collaboration.

This also means our developers are always there to support and learn from each other, a huge advantage over freelancer scenarios.


Some of the results we deliver to our partners


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