HealthTech Trends: Must-Attend Events for Industry Leaders

Florencia Papa
Florencia Papa
May 21, 2024
HealthTech Trends: Must-Attend Events for Industry Leaders

The landscape of healthcare is at a crucial point. Across the globe, patients are increasingly disillusioned with subpar care experiences, compelling them to turn away from providers that fail to meet their expectations. This shift is not just a warning but a clear call to healthcare organizations: adapt swiftly or face decline. In an era where healthcare technology evolves at breakneck speed, the stakes for integrating cutting-edge technologies—from AI-driven diagnostics to personalized remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems—have never been higher. These innovations are no longer optional but essential to delivering the predictive, personalized, and accessible care that patients demand.

For healthcare leaders, staying connected with industry advancements, nurturing critical leadership abilities, and drawing inspiration to drive transformative changes are imperative to thrive. Recognizing this need, we have curated a list of the top 6 healthtech conferences and events remaining in 2024. Each event is a beacon for healthcare professionals seeking to harness the latest innovations and best practices in digital health. These gatherings offer unparalleled opportunities to network with peers, gain insights from leading experts, and explore technologies that are shaping the future of healthcare. Join us as we delve into these must-attend events that promise to equip healthcare leaders with the tools and knowledge to lead their organizations into a new era.


MedCity INVEST pharmacy conference

📅May 21st —22nd, 2024
📍Chicago, IL
🔗Link to event

Presented by MedCity News, the Healthcare Investment Conference 2024, known as INVEST, has been bringing together active investors and promising start-ups in the biopharma, diagnostics, medical device, and health technology sectors for over a decade.

Partnering with MHIN (Mid-America Healthcare Investors Network), comprising over 50 venture capital firms, the event facilitates connections between investors and entrepreneurs. 

INVEST addresses industry shifts towards consumer convenience, value-based care, seamless care coordination, and equitable healthcare access. Attendees can expect insights from innovative investors, industry leaders, contrarians, and entrepreneurs offering novel solutions to healthcare challenges.

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit East Coast

📅June 5th — 6th, 2024
📍Boston, MA, US
🔗Link to event

The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS) in Boston offers an in-depth exploration of digital health innovation influenced by various factors, including election outcomes, regulatory changes, and macro trends in healthcare.

This summit gathers healthcare innovators, investors, tech companies, payers, and providers to discuss and network on topics like the implications of election results on healthcare policies, provider burnout, the potential of AI in healthcare, and strategies for managing startups during uncertain times. Attendees will benefit from engaging panels, interactive breakout sessions, and networking opportunities with industry leaders. 

Special events include the presentation of the 2024 Digital Healthcare Innovator Award and a keynote fireside chat with a healthcare executive, making DHIS a crucial event for those involved in shaping the future of digital health.

World Medical Innovation Forum

World Medical Innovation Forum conference

📅September 23rd — 25th, 2024
📍Boston, MA
🔗Link to event

The World Medical Innovation Forum, presented by Mass General Brigham in partnership with Bank of America, is an influential gathering of over 1,200 industry professionals, including 200 CEOs and senior leaders from investment, industry, and government, alongside Harvard faculty. 

The forum, known for its high-level discussions and networking opportunities, addresses the latest opportunities and challenges in healthcare investment, technology developments, manufacturing, and regulatory barriers. It features 22 focused sessions on key healthcare topics and 16 "First Look" sessions showcasing promising new technologies from Mass General Brigham. The forum aims to explore new advancements in patient care and tackle the challenges in developing and investing in these innovations. 

This event serves as a crucial platform for collaboration and advancement in the healthcare sector, emphasizing the rapid deployment of benefits to patients, providers, and healthcare organizations.

2024 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

2022 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum sign

📅September 24th — 26th, 2024
📍Nashville, TN
🔗Link to event

The 2024 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum is a premier event where health care visionaries and industry leaders come together to explore and discuss the latest innovations and best practices in technology and data-driven solutions, which are reshaping the healthcare industry.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with leadership from various health insurance provider organizations and thought leaders from outside the industry. 

The forum offers a rich mix of educational sessions, Q&A opportunities, networking events, and an exhibit hall featuring seasoned experts and breakthrough innovators. 

This event provides a unique platform to connect with colleagues nationwide, inspire new thinking, and discover cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Participants will leave the forum with actionable insights and ideas that can be implemented immediately to enhance their organizational impact.


HLTH speakers on stage

📅October 20th — 23rd, 2024
📍Las Vegas, NV
🔗Link to event

HLTH 2024 is set to be a major event in the healthcare industry, focusing on startups, partnerships, investing, and deal-making. 

This conference is expected to draw over 12,000 attendees, including 2,750 CEOs and 350 speakers, supported by 900 sponsors. It promises to be an essential gathering for anyone looking to foster meaningful connections, gain insights into cutting-edge trends, or elevate their organization to new heights. 

The comprehensive agenda covers a wide array of critical topics from mental and behavioral health to innovative payment models and AI technologies. 

Attendees will range from investors, providers, and payers to startups, health retailers, and government officials, making it a diverse and dynamic environment for professional growth and industry advancement. 

This event serves as a gateway for all participants to boldly step into the future of health, offering unique opportunities to enhance their journey in the healthcare ecosystem.

CHIME Fall Forum

CHIME23 Fall Forum

📅November 5th — 8th, 2024
📍San Diego, CA
🔗Link to event

The CHIME24 Fall Forum stands as the premier event for hospital CIOs and other healthcare IT leaders.

This annual gathering has grown to include not only the largest number of hospital CIOs but also other key IT executives like CISOs. 

Participants come together to tackle the rapid evolution of healthcare technology, making it a critical meeting point to network, stay abreast of new innovations, and develop the leadership skills necessary to lead transformative changes in their organizations. 

The forum provides an opportunity for attendees from around the world to brainstorm, solve problems, and devise new initiatives that utilize cutting-edge tools and resources. 

The CHIME24 Fall Forum is an essential event for those looking to shape the future of healthcare and find the inspiration needed to motivate teams and drive progress within their institutions.

These events bring together leaders from across the healthcare spectrum to explore cutting-edge technologies, discuss critical industry trends, and forge partnerships that will shape the future of healthcare. Whether you're a CEO, investor, provider, payer, or government official, these gatherings offer something for everyone, from insightful panels and keynote speeches to networking opportunities and hands-on workshops.

As we navigate the complexities of modern healthcare, these events guide us toward a future where patients receive the care they deserve. By attending these conferences, healthcare leaders can gain the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to drive meaningful change in their organizations.

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