Top Greentech Conferences in United States 2024

Florencia Papa
Florencia Papa
April 10, 2024
Top Greentech Conferences in United States 2024

In 2024, the world of green technology will once again be buzzing with excitement as top industry events bring together innovators, industry leaders, and enthusiasts alike. These gatherings promise a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and collaborative discussions that are set to shape the future of environmental conservation and green solutions. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where eco-friendliness meets innovative ideas head-on. From showcasing the latest advancements in renewable energy to exploring groundbreaking eco-friendly initiatives, these green tech conferences are not just about ideas; they are about real-world impact and actionable solutions. Be part of a dynamic community driving change and pushing boundaries towards  a more resilient and sustainable future for generations to come.

MassChallenge Ecosystem Event

Decarbonising construction, decarbonisation, construction, net zero,

📅April 23rd, 4:30PM–6:30PM
📌MassChallenge HQ, Boston, MA
🔗Link to event

In an era marked by global population growth and rapid urbanization, the construction of thousands of new buildings in the coming decades is inevitable. Addressing the dual challenge of decarbonizing today’s building stock while also reducing the embodied carbon in future constructions is essential for achieving net zero. The MassChallenge Ecosystem Event, set in Boston, Massachusetts, focuses on pioneering solutions to this issue. In partnership with Cleantech Group and the Massachusetts Founders Network, the conference highlights breakthroughs in green cement, green steel, and other low-to-no-carbon building materials, aiming to revolutionize sustainable building and infrastructure. Over the span of 2 hours, attendees will engage with Boston's leading innovators discussing cutting-edge approaches to environmental sustainability in the built environment. This conference presents a unique opportunity to explore how the next generation of buildings can be both energy efficient and constructed with low-carbon materials, bringing the ambitious goal of building environmental stewardship within reach.

Global Energy Transition

Global Energy Transition 2023 booth

📅June 25th – 27th, 2024
📌New York, USA
🔗Link to event

As the energy sector stands on the brink of transformative change, the Global Energy Transition 2024 conference emerges as a pivotal gathering for leaders in energy, industry, and finance. Set to host over 750 senior attendees, including more than 100 C-suite speakers across five stages and zones, this New York-based conference focuses entirely on navigating the shift to a low-carbon economy. With over 85% of participants being decision-makers, the conference is a hub for forging sectoral partnerships, crafting agile transition strategies, and optimizing investment towards sustainable energy solutions.

This three-day immersive engagement is designed to unlock trillions of dollars through collaborative green capital mobilization and clean-tech deployment, addressing the existential challenge of delivering secure, affordable energy today while accelerating the global shift towards eco-friendliness. This Reuters Event promises to unite the energy ecosystem, offering practical guidance from transition trailblazers, opportunities to connect with tomorrow's innovators in wind, solar, CCUS, storage, and hydrogen, and masterclass workshops with industry titans under the Chatham House Rule.

Participants can expect an exclusive Executive Leadership Forum for high-level networking, candid debates on the future of energy policy, agility, and risk mitigation, alongside unique offsite experiences to forge valuable connections. This conference not only serves as a platform for sharing insights and strategies but also positions attendees at the forefront of the global energy transition, offering increased business opportunities through sponsorship, issue-based workshops, tailored networking, and an onsite news studio to amplify their solutions to a global audience.


Conference in VERGE 2023

📅October 29th – 31st, 2024
📌San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
🔗Link to event

VERGE 24 stands as the quintessential climate tech conference, poised to gather over 6,000 leaders from various industries, sectors, and functions in San Jose, California, from October 29 to 31, 2024. This gathering focuses on catalyzing transformative and profitable change through the decarbonization of operations and supply chains. The conference is meticulously organized into six main tracks—Buildings, Carbon, Energy, Food & Ag, Industry, and Transport—encompassing more than 100 sessions designed to showcase emerging opportunities for efficient and affordable operational transitions. 

VERGE 24 distinguishes itself by delivering fresh and convergent content, emphasizing the importance of creativity, interactivity, and the sharing of case studies and best practices. A significant emphasis is placed on diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a commitment to showcasing a wide range of perspectives and experiences to drive systemic solutions. Through a variety of session formats, including panel discussions, interviews, case studies, workshops, and more, VERGE 24 aims to expand participants' perspectives, facilitate meaningful connections, and tackle climate change.

Global Cleantech Impact Expo

Hawaii Convention Center, Global Cleantech Impact Expo's headquarters

📅2-Day Event (New Dates To Be Announced)
📌Maui, Hawaii
🔗Link to expo

The Global Cleantech Impact Expo showcases over 100 leading cleantech companies focused on Net-Zero and Circular Economy. This 2-day expo connects traditional businesses, governments, and investors with cleantech innovations. It aims to address pressing environmental challenges and presents the first Pacific Rim Summit in Hawaii to tackle the climate crisis sustainably. The summit fosters partnerships among Pacific Rim nations, emphasizing ocean ecosystem preservation and clean coastal development. 

This initiative provides a platform for global collaboration to safeguard oceans and ensure economic sustainability. The Expo and Summit aim to connect cleantech innovators, scientists, and stakeholders to address pollution, waste, and biodiversity loss. As the premier global event uniting sustainable innovation providers and buyers, it sparks collaborations for planetary sustainability. 

The event has been rescheduled due to wildfires in Maui, with new dates coming soon.

Embracing Sustainability

Each conference embodies a collective drive towards environmental stewardship and sustainable development through the integration of green technology. As we step into these forums, we embrace not just the exchange of ideas but also the tangible steps towards actionable solutions that promise to redefine our relationship with the planet.

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