Adding fonts to asset pipeline

 Adding fonts to asset pipeline
Gabriel Rodríguez
 Adding fonts to asset pipeline

Well, first of all you have to add a new folder in app/assets called "fonts" with all your custom fonts inside.
After that you have to tell Sprockets to compile that new fonts folder.
You should add this line into your config/application.rb file:

You don’t need to do that after Rails 4.1, that folder is already added by default. You should use it if you are using another folder such as “vendor/assets/fonts”.
Last thing you need to do is reference the fonts in your css.scss using the ‘font-path’ helper.
This is an example:


The compiled css is going to be like this:

As you can see, each font reference has this format:


More font tips?

For the font-family value, don’t use spaces:

Wrong: “Font Awesome”
Right: “FontAwesome”

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Adding fonts to asset pipeline