Revolutionizing Green Innovation: Top 5 Boston Greentech Startups

Florencia Papa
Florencia Papa
March 28, 2024
Revolutionizing Green Innovation: Top 5 Boston Greentech Startups

Discover Boston's vibrant entrepreneurial scene with us. Our upcoming article explores what makes Boston a startup hub, especially in environmental sustainability. Check out the top five Greentech startups in Boston, paving the way for a sustainable future.

In the dynamic world of global entrepreneurship, Boston emerges as a strong contender. Its recognition isn't merely a stroke of luck; it's fueled by factors like talent, specialization, capital investment, and vibrant culture.

Exploring the core of Boston's startup scene reveals a lively landscape filled with opportunities and advancements. The city's appeal comes from not only high living standards and supportive startup regulations but also easy access to venture capital.

What distinguishes Boston is its role as an innovation hub, where tech giants, prestigious universities, and cutting-edge medical institutions come together to drive transformative progress. This innovative spirit doesn't just fuel advancements in technology, healthcare, energy, and culture; it also extends to addressing pressing global challenges.

Boston has been a leader in the environmental space for decades, spanning Cleantech, Greentech, and Climatech. As the imperative to address climate change and promote environmental sustainability gains urgency, Boston's spirit continues to lead the charge. That’s why we handpicked five startups that are paving the way in Boston’s Greentech scene, developing new technologies and solutions to power a greener, more sustainable future.


Ampion team

Ampion emerges as a catalyst for environmental change, empowering communities to transition towards a sustainable future through the adoption of solar energy. 

With Ampion, individuals can unlock significant savings. By leveraging state-backed renewable energy incentive programs, Ampion delivers ongoing reductions in electricity bills, providing a tangible financial incentive to support the adoption of clean energy solutions. Ampion offers a streamlined "solar as a service" approach, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional solar installations. Members benefit from hassle-free access to Community Solar, enjoying all the advantages without the need for upfront investments or maintenance concerns. 

Accessible to homeowners, renters, and anyone with a utility bill, Ampion ensures inclusivity in the sustainable energy revolution. Its services are designed to democratize access to clean energy, enabling all individuals to participate in building a more sustainable future. 

Joining Ampion is effortless, requiring just a five-minute sign-up process and a utility bill to assess energy usage and potential savings. Ampion carefully matches members with suitable solar farms, allocating them a share of Community Solar credits based on their energy consumption. These solar farms generate clean energy, contributing to the renewable energy supply and advancing community sustainability objectives. Each month, members receive Community Solar credits applied to their utility bills, resulting in consistent reductions in energy costs. Members can purchase Community Solar credits at discounted rates, ensuring ongoing savings while actively supporting renewable energy initiatives in their communities. 

With Ampion leading the charge, communities embrace a greener tomorrow, one solar panel at a time.


Bevi’s founders (Eliza Becton, Sean Grundy and Frank Lee) with the Bevi dispenser

Bevi has pioneered a sustainable solution to single-use water bottles with its innovative smart water machines. Tailoring to the requirements of numerous businesses, Bevi offers a personalized hydration experience by providing customizable water choices to employees in the workplace. Positioned as the leading provider of internet-connected beverage dispensers, Bevi has a remarkable track record, consistently achieving substantial growth each year since its establishment.

What sets Bevi apart is its commitment to delivering a genuinely personalized experience through its intelligent water dispensers. These dispensers offer the flexibility to tailor beverages to individual preferences, offering options from still or sparkling water to selecting the preferred temperature and flavor profile. By enriching beverages with vitamins, caffeine, or electrolytes, Bevi ensures that every sip not only refreshes but also delivers nutritional benefits.

Bevi uses high-quality ingredients in crafting its flavors and enhancements, guaranteeing a zero- or low-calorie, vegan, and gluten-free beverage selection. Each flavor is meticulously created from natural fruit extracts and rigorously taste-tested, ranging from strawberry lemongrass to blood orange, ensuring that every sip of Bevi water is purposeful and environmentally conscious.

Beyond its flavor offerings, Bevi's intelligent water dispensers provide various practical benefits. Featuring a sophisticated design with concealed plumbing, the dispensers are stylish and space-efficient, seamlessly blending into any environment. Through the utilization of smart technology, Bevi ensures a user-friendly experience with real-time on-screen updates, smooth maintenance, and remote diagnostics, showcasing its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate the drinking experience. The commitment to continuous innovation is evident, with significant investments in developing new products to further transform the beverage supply chain. More importantly, Bevi's sustainability commitment is noteworthy, with each dispenser capable of eliminating over 50,000 bottles and cans annually, leading to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.


Ekotrope team

Founded in 2011, Ekotrope initiated a mission to transform the built environment by equipping individuals with the necessary technological tools and insights to make informed decisions that drive sustainability. Over the years, Ekotrope has established itself as a trailblazer, leading the way in developing the nation's premier HERS rating software and offering a comprehensive suite of innovative software and data solutions tailored for raters, utilities, building product manufacturers, and lenders. These state-of-the-art solutions collectively empower stakeholders in the construction industry to construct energy-efficient homes while navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

Ekotrope envisions a future where energy efficiency and environmental impact considerations are integral to decision-making in our built environment. This vision motivates Ekotrope's steadfast dedication to arming individuals with the tools and insights essential for fostering sustainability at every stage of the construction process. Through the utilization of technology and data-driven insights, Ekotrope aims to drive a shift towards a more sustainable future, placing resource conservation and environmental responsibility at the forefront of all endeavors.


LineVision team

LineVision has led a pioneering initiative in climate technology, introducing an advanced non-contact sensor platform meticulously designed to transform the monitoring and management of transmission systems. Through extensive research, design, and development, LineVision has engineered a sophisticated system capable of continuously analyzing power line behavior, detecting anomalies, and providing real-time alerts on potential risks. 

By leveraging Dynamic Line Ratings technology, LineVision enables utilities to safely unlock up to 40% additional capacity on aging and congested power lines, facilitating the transition to a modern grid powered by renewable energy sources. As a rapidly growing presence in the climate tech sector, LineVision stands at the forefront of empowering utility partners globally to navigate the energy transition with confidence and efficiency.

By enhancing grid flexibility, resilience, and security, LineVision equips utilities with the necessary tools to embrace sustainable energy integration while ensuring the reliability and stability of the power grid. With a dedicated focus on innovation and sustainability, LineVision is propelling the evolution of energy infrastructure, ushering in a new era of efficiency and environmental responsibility in the global energy landscape.


REsurety chief executive Lee Taylor

REsurety is a leading force dedicated to advancing the world towards a zero-carbon future, underpinned by a strong commitment to sustainability. 

Innovating at the intersection of finance and environmental stewardship, REsurety offers a comprehensive suite of software and services tailored to support the diverse needs of clean energy buyers, sellers, and investors. Fueled by data-driven insights, REsurety's software provides stakeholders with crucial information throughout the project lifecycle, from initial exploration to ongoing portfolio management. Augmenting its software solutions, REsurety's services draw on the collective expertise of its team members, including meteorologists, renewable energy specialists, power market experts, and seasoned software engineers. Together, they have meticulously developed the REsurety platform to serve a broad spectrum of clean energy clients.

At the core of REsurety's philosophy is a dedication to personalized and bespoke solutions. Whether clients aim to optimize their clean energy investments, manage risk, or align portfolios with sustainability objectives, REsurety is well-equipped to support them. Through its platform utilization or tailored advisory services, REsurety enables clients to pinpoint projects that best fit their distinct priorities and goals. Serving as a trusted ally, REsurety empowers stakeholders within the clean energy sector to navigate market intricacies with assurance, steering significant advancements towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

Pioneering a Sustainable Future in Boston's Startup Scene

Each startup showcased exemplifies a distinct aspect of this collaborative effort, offering innovative solutions to urgent environmental issues. From spearheading advancements in clean energy technology to transforming sustainable construction practices, these startups embody the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience that characterizes Boston's business landscape. Reflecting on their exceptional accomplishments serves as a reminder of the limitless potential within our community. Together, we possess the ability to shape a future where sustainability and prosperity coexist harmoniously, not only revolutionizing industries but also impacting our world for generations to come.

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