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Salesforce is the number one CRM platform in the world. Its software is cloud-based, which is why an expert IT team isn't needed to configure or manage it. Just log into your session and you're good to go.

Many businesses wish they could develop information systems which consume and modify Salesforce data. Although this may seem like too complex a task, Salesforce does offer a REST or SOAP API which allows you to interact with said CRM. This API lets you consume the data from Salesforce and then display them through a new user interface on your system. It also makes it possible to save and update information inside the CRM's database.

Expo is a great tool for React Native that is going to make your life way easier.

Hologram is a really cool Rails gem made by Trulia to create styleguides for your project based on comments in your code, take a look at it now!

These are the reasons because we say that this tech is elastic:

  • Best API/Webservice player out there [...]
  • Efficiency handling heavy-requests apps [...]
  • No need to reinvent the wheel [...]
  • Soft real-time applications [...]
  • Community [...]

These are the reasons because we say that this tech is elastic:

  • Code maintainability = greater flexibility to design [...]
  • Components [...]
  • Massively Parallel Development [...]
  • Enables a Design <—> Development Workflow [...]
  • Fast prototyping [...]
  • NativeScript [...]
  • SEO Friendly [...]
  • Community [...]

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