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These are the reasons because we say that this tech is elastic:

rails ruby technology

These are the reasons because we say that this tech is elastic:

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The concept of elasticity comes from solid mechanics and designates the mechanical property of certain materials to experience reversible deformation when they are under the action of external forces and to recover the original form if these external forces are removed. As an adjective can be used to describe those flexible materials, i.e. that can accommodate different circumstances.

The concept of elasticity or the adjective elastic can also be used to describe technologies. We will say that a technology is elastic when it:

In conclusion, there are many technologies that can be described as elastic although, currently, we decided to work with the following:


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Last Wednesday 10th of June VAIRIX was on Universidad ORT Uruguay showing it's Inception Workshop for Entrepreneurs. The presentation was cool, with lot of questions from the atendees. Also we did one full activity, sharing the results and discussing them between the participants.


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On March 25-27, VAIRIX was invited to be part of the '9th Summer Camp on Entrepreneurship' held in Medellín, Colombia. It is organized each year by the EAFIT University, one of the most recognized universities and pioneer in the entrepreneurship topic. The organization asked us to go there in representation of Uruguay to show the state of the uruguayan entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem. VAIRIX talk was done in the section "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in LATAM countries: international guests".