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According the official website, "Discourse is a simple, flat forum, where replies flow down the page in a line. The expandable replies are attached to the bottom and top of each post, so you can discover the fuller context of the conversation - without breaking your flow."

This rough tutorial is a step-by-step guide about the how to setup Discourse aimed to advanced Rails developers who have installed their own Rails apps before. if you are new to Rails, you are likely much better off with this Discourse Vagrant Developer Guide.

This post is heavily based on this document although we have added some comments in bold+italic (missing things in the original file or maybe just due to our machine conf.).

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Well, first of all you have to add a new folder in app/assets called "fonts" with all your custom fonts inside.

After that you have to tell Sprockets to compile that new fonts folder.

You should add this line into your config/application.rb file:

config.assets.paths << Rails.root.join('app', 'assets', 'fonts')

You don’t need to do that after Rails 4.1, that folder is already added by default. You should use it if you are using another folder such as “vendor/assets/fonts”.

This is our last day at RailsConf! The experience has been awesome until now, from Alvaro prescense in Chicago to our virtual coverage from Montevideo. Let's see what happens in the last day of conference!

Until now the RailsConf has been a very excitement experience! The sessions of yesterday were full of RoR tricks and very interesting stuff. Let's see what happens in the third day of conference!

Yesterday at RailsConf was amazing! From DHH keynote to every one of the different sessions, they were very interesting. Take a look of what's happen in the seconf day of this huge RoR community event!