Software Development Case Studies

Learn how we helped out our partners.
Here are some of our latest case studies

Supreme Golf

Vairix helped Supreme Golf scale their development team, enhance their legacy system, and launch a new version of their platform.


Vairix's agile collaboration with Paack successfully maintained their mission-critical legacy Ruby system, freeing resources for technological innovation and solidifying their position as a trusted logistics technology leader in Europe.


Vairix provided software development services and tech stack guidance for CANVS, an interactive platform company that is taking street art to the next level.


Discover how Vairix partnered with Ampion, a pioneering B2B energy management platform, to fuel their rapid growth while ensuring excellence and sustainability. By strategically augmenting Ampion's teams with top-tier Ruby on Rails and React.js developers, along with QA expertise, Vairix catalyzed their journey toward optimal energy revenue generation, reduced operational costs, and minimized environmental impact.

Union Street Media

Vairix provided senior-level React team augmentation to help Union Street Media, a top real estate digital marketing firm, build a marketing analytics and data visualization dashboard on time and budget.


Vairix developed MOD’s e-Commerce platform where users can customize their furniture orders and shop online.


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